Jo Ann Roth for State Representative, 113th District

Let’s do this together.

Jo Ann Roth Filed by Nominating Petitions

Staff in the Secretary of State Office explained filing by nominating petition the last day meant the signatures might not be verified by noon. With full knowledge; I proceeded to sign the Declaration of Candidacy as I knew each person who signed had the credentials to put my name on the ballot. My 2022 Campaign Slogan: "Voters Deserve a Choice!"

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Public Safety

Larned State Hospital is understaffed. While community-based programs are essential, we must not neglect Larned State Hospital for employee, patient and public safety.


Billions of dollars which would have been paid to Kansas Hospitals and Healthcare Providers have been lost due to the failure of the Legislature to expand Medicaid. I support expansion of Medicaid in Kansas.

Jo Ann


I oppose the constitutional amendment and I support the right to privacy as currently guaranteed in the US and Kansas Constitutions. You may contact Candidate by mail 10 North Main Street Ellinwood, KS 67526 or email


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About Me

Jo Ann Roth married November 10, 1979, adopted two (2) children, now adults. The Married Couple reside in the Roth family home located in Ellinwood which was built by Kent's parents, Walter and June Roth, in 1939.

Jo Ann Roth was employed by the federal government in the United States Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS), then renamed the Farm Service Agency (FSA), for a dozen years in Barton County, Kansas. She was then elected three (3) terms to the three (3) person Barton County Committee that oversees the local FSA Office and rules upon any farmer appeals. Following 9/11, Jo Ann Roth became employed by the Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration, (TSA), until her federal retirement.

Jo Ann Roth was a member of Kansas Agriculture & Rural Leadership (KARL IV) 1998-99, touring Kansas Industries and traveling to Washington DC and South America, Chili & Argentina.

Jo Ann Roth is a member of Kansas Farm Bureau and grew up on a farm near Cheyenne Bottoms, the daughter of Bob and Bonnie Wirth.

Let's do this together.

Last Election Slick Negative Postcards keep arriving in the mail. Then came the January 6, 2021, storming of the National Capitol Building; apathy was no longer an option for me. You should join me in defending Democracy and volunteer to help my Campaign.